Dublin Theatre Festival Tour October 9 – 15, 2022

This train has left the station! Tour is sold out! Can’t wait to be on my favorite tour!

  Welcome to our 9th Dublin Theatre Festival Tour! It never disappoints – even though we don’t know what we will see until mid-July! What we do know is:

We will enjoy the perfectly located smack dab in the middle of everything, Buswells Hotel. At Buswells, the Dramarama group is greeted like old friends …and many on the tour are indeed old friends having been on the tour many times. The hotel has the ambiance and charm of an old Irish establishment plus comfortable modern accommodations. For our enjoyment the hotel boasts a restaurant, a lively pub and many cozy corners to relax and sip your Irish coffee! Heaven!

We will see six festival performances including the two largest theaters in Dublin, The Gate and The Abbey.

Chats, Tours and Day trip
We will be joined by James Hickson, our Irish guide who is an Abbey Theater specialist and professor at Trinity College. He is our walking tour leader, our day in the country guide and our gatherer of artists for our chats. In addition, we are joined by the wonderful Michael Paller (former dramaturg at American Conservatory Theater) who is not only our expert interviewer, but also theater expert, critic and always interesting guy to have breakfast with! We will meet artists from the shows including playwrights, directors and actors. Each night we will have a post show informal discussion in the pub, led by Michael and accompanied by a pint or Irish coffee (decaf, of course!).

We tried a new restaurant, Mr. Fox, on our last Dublin tour that turned out to be a winner! Located just a few blocks from the Gate Theatre, we will definitely give Mr. Fox another visit. We will also return to Peploe’s …our favorite go-to in Dublin. And on your own, or with some fellow tourees, we highly recommend visiting Murrays for a pint, pub food and some authentic Irish music.

Shopping, Museums and oh so much more …
Our hotel is across the street from the National Museum of Ireland and many other museums are just a step away. And oh yes, Dublin is a fabulous place to shop. We can point out our favorites for jewelry, children’s clothes and many shops featuring Irish sweaters, linens and native crafts.

Dublin continues to be treasure trove of delights. If you have not taken a Dublin Theatre Festival tour, check your 2022 calendar and sign up now for this truly one of a kind theater tour.

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